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Who benefitted from this infighting?

Tuesday, May. 11, 1999
CCISD board deadlocked on VP vote
Brauer: Others retaliating because of naming process
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The Corpus Christi Independent School District's board is without a vice president, at least until it reconvenes May 24.
Trustee Manuel Flores and incumbent vice president Pinky Brauer were deadlocked 3-3 Monday night for the office.

Trustees Vicki Rothschild, Dorothy Adkins and Brauer voted to retain Brauer as vice president. Trustees Frank Reyes, Rene Vela and Bill Hamrick voted for Flores, who was unable to attend the meeting.
Brauer said that this was the first time in her seven years on the board she had ever seen an attempt to vote out a member of office after their first one-year term as an officer of the board.
"If tradition had held true tonight, I would have remained in the position of vice president for the second year," she said.
Rothschild said the move to replace Brauer is an example of the recent change in the board's environment.
"It's really a shame that this is going on," Rothschild said. "I hope we can get back to an atmosphere of professionalism ... and respect."
Brauer, who described herself as an independent thinker and voter, said the vote was a form of retaliation after she defended the process the board used in recent years when it named new schools.
"I had no idea that being vice president was such a threat to some members of the board," she added. "If my being there caused them such anxiety and if it is less threatening having Mr. Flores - I'm happy for them and I wish my good friend Mr. Flores well. Just remember to vote the way they want you to."
Vela, who wouldn't comment on why he voted against Brauer, explained his support for Flores.
"Mr. Flores has been on the board for a number of years," Vela said. "He's up-to-date on all the issues. He has shown to me to be a real leader."
Brauer said she had no knowledge of the other board members' intentions to oust her until a few days before the vote.
"I never even received the courtesy of a phone call from those who voted against me," she said. "When did common courtesy leave our board?"
Reyes was selected again as the board's president in a unanimous vote. Hamrick was selected as secretary and Vela as assistant secretary. In both cases, Hamrick, Reyes and Vela supported the nominations and Brauer, Rothschild and Adkins abstained.
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