Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Where is the Community's input? Something smells rotten in CCISD

This is an at large position. The only person with a number of registered votes backing him up is Raul Prezas. Now that the election is over is it that CCISD Board Members think they don't need to consider the community's input? Go back and start over. Explain how these individuals are the finalist. Explain the process of elimination. There is no excuse for the lack of transparency in this process.


"CCISD Board members narrowed the field as they continue the process of filling an At-large seat on the school board. The seat was left vacant by the Reverend Harry Williams, who resigned last month.

Monday, each of the current trustees got a chance to nominate one person from the list of twenty people who applied for the job. So now these are the five finalists; Rolando Barrera, Deborah Johnson, Raul Prezas, Norman Ransleben and Bradford Kisner.

The board plans to begin interviewing the finalists next week and then pick some to fill the seat by the end of June."


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