Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Bomb-scare change

I must express my concern regarding CCISD's new policy of "locking down" the students rather than "evacuating" them during possible bomb threats. What prompted the change in this policy?

My children brought home letters from Ray High School on May 15 regarding a possible bomb threat. I have real issues with the district's new policy allowing the schools to "lock down" students during an investigation to determine whether a bomb threat is valid. Previous policy to evacuate students while the situation was investigated and return students to classrooms when the situation was cleared was a more logical way to protect our students and staff. Granted, the majority of these "threats" turn out to be pranks or just threats. Security is an issue everywhere now and a real bomb would not be a surprise anymore.

If the district is concerned about funding because of valuable time lost due to this criminal behavior, then time should be made up just as time lost for inclement weather is made up.

Individuals cannot "joke" about bombs in airports, etc., without severe penalty. It should be the same in schools. What happened to "zero" tolerance?

Pat Dunegan

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