Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CCISD: I have watched JAG lock students and parents up

Posted on November 7, 2006 at 04:55:23 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

CCISD & Texas Education Code

Issues to address

Attendance Policy: Is less responsive than the Broomfield Days. Students skipping during the middle schedule of the day attendance informs the parent residence via automated message informing whoever answers, "Your child was absent for one or more periods today."

Why is there no follow up?

Should not the Assistant Principal send a little slip the next morning for the student to come to the office and explain the irregularities? Before modern technology?

Work Completion Enforcement: Complete all work or stay until it is finished or Parent signs student out.

Dear Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CCISD, Legislators & South Texas Judiciary Attention:

In an agressive collateral campaign in advocacy of South Texas as a Whole; the issue of Education must be for the children (our future). I submit in good faith my "TWO CENTS" (Dos Centavos). The items addressed will fall in 3 categories; legislation, quality assurance and the Judiciary Evolution.

Legislation - Students need to be able to earn and get paid weekly. WIA JOB Grants attendance selective railroading must cease immediately. It is a racket of cushy JOBS and truant officers who cannot discourage even the skipping in the middle of the school day. I remember MR Gonzalez (GONZO) at Carroll High School back in the days of punch card bubble in "chad like" attendance cards. Student office workers picked up the cards every period and they were processed immediately. Any irregularities were addressed AND Gonzo, Mr Lyons & Mr Mon were on patrol with the cutting edge in technology Walkie Talkies. Not one other school in CCISD had them at that time. Janitors were the security. My point is where is the lag and why now that this area has been significantly beefed up. How are these kids tardy or hiding out or coming and going without someone noticing. Then they file against the parent for contributing to truancy and the student is fined and the parent has no defense even if there was never any communication from the district informing the parent. No attorney is provided as the crime is punishable by fine only. WATT about the people who cant pay? I have watched JAG lock students and parents up. 1 student $500, 2 Parents $500 each equals $1500. Community Service is an option but is it worth the association with hardened Juveniles. If there is a chance of being jailed an attorney must be provided. Any appeal is denied and handed back without signature of Court. There is no transcript of the proceedings so strong arm tactics are practiced and rules are ignored to get rich off of the poor. quality assurance Judiciary Evolution incomplete work in progress

Dear Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CCISD, Legislators & South Texas Judiciary