Monday, September 21, 2009

I was told her and Debbie Riddle are birds of a feather abnd flock together......I think that trash need to go it stinks

Thursday, September 17, 2009
(To participate in this dicussion, join and add homervillarreal@gmail as a friend. The following is an truncated abridgement of the discussion on the above mentioned issue:

Homer Villarreal
CCISD’s John Longoria just reported that Tomas Duran was a consult for CCISD, but has left. I understand (and again) I am prudently generalizing from John’s update that Thomas Duran now (who is tied in with all the big time insurances like Entrust) is free and legally able to bid on the CCISD Health Insurance. .. I believe that when they go out for insurance (from sources, I believe) will be between Carol’s buddies – Art Granato and Thomas Duran.

Homer Villarreal
WATCH CAREFULLY... Read More…Another question to ask is: “Did the Scotts use ‘La Brisas’’ money to get a new American Federation of Teachers President? I hear Art Granato donated to him also… I am just connecting the dots. Jeff Kane did comment on our board that it was “gray area” … his word was ‘leveraging”… Rene Saenz who sits on the Health Insurance Committee feels that the pressure that will be excerted by different parties will be fierce. So the new AFT president was handpicked by Carol so to speak, if the info is true.

Mark A. Di Carlo
Homer: McMurrey show, AFT President, is on my Voices show on Friday at 10:00 P.M. (On my webcite also) But I do not get it, are you inferring you campaign for the job as Union President and raise money to do it? Maybe so . . . . might have been a good subject.

Carolyn Moon
The new AFT president is a member of the CEC. send me an e-mail later.

Amadora Zapata
Yeah, AFT was the Scott's project according to my sources. They are eroding the credibility of our community: the SCOTTS.

Homer Villarreal
Homer Villarreal: " A regional government, for protecting the agenda and whims of a wife of a city councilman only, is but a carcass, and soon falls by its own CORRUPTION and decay."

Debbie Allen
There is a beauty to a cat fight; because it stems from the soul of a woman. Carol has to go!!! Yeah, the truth of her evil does not seem to matter to her, only the way she chooses to interpret it. But it is survival of a fitness. We are being taken by her, and I am sure not gonna, not gonna put up with it.

Rene Saenz
Amadora, "AFT is the scott's project" what are you inferring? I'm a member of AFT and there was no project there. In fact, I talked to Ray, the new prez, the entire time during his campaign. In fact, in the beginning we were trying to decide who should run, me or him. In the end, I deferred since I had other projects going on. I believe your source... Read More/sources are all wrong. I'm the ultimate source on this issue. But we agreed on one thing, the past president had to go. If you really want the inside, I know it all.

Amadora Zapata
I respectfully disagree Mr. Saenz...and for you to believe that the ultimate source was yourself in re: to the "Carol"/Kailo connection (implied) on the "Las Brisas dollars" (in addition to the Art Granato 's/lobbying interests in this matter) - is quite delusional, and to venture beyond the bucket of this complex issue and investigation by myself... Read More and ours in the region. To question me(or anyone here), is a matter of credibility. But be forewarned, You are welcome to post, but to admonish if "you have a dog in the fight" there are the consequences. If you are participating especially in defense of a party in question, the AFT PREST. or SCOTT's hand in this matter, you become fare game. With that said let's begin.
Mr. Saenz you were not the main source. You sit on the board that will be instrumental in later being used to justify awarding the "Health Insurance" bid contract. The board you sit on will be the raison d'etre for the Scotts (continued in another posting).
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Amadora Zapata
It does not take a rocket scientist to see the "project" or "connection" between the AFT post and Carol Scott! The former AFT president took a position against "Las Brisas." But then again before proceeding, abiding by the rules of fair play, and the audience following this "connecting-the-dots" progression and story, I have to ask you sir, "Do you have a dog in this fight?" Admit it if there is, if not it will surface believe you me.

Amadora Zapata
I don't think you are being fully straight forward. Your version might just be sectarian view of the a road of intricate paths and bypaths. You are welcome to email me and share what your experience in attempting to unseat the former President. It is my duty to listen to all parties so as to not only be fair, but responsible in piecing the final view.
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Amadora Zapata
What makes this so unethical Mr. Saenz is the fact that Carol Scott (is/and was being paid by "Las Brisas" an enormous salary. The former president was merely trying to be a voice for the children (adocating for the right cause) was slaughtered by a high-paid, unethical party who happened to be the President of CCISD board. She was being paid (thousands of dollars)as Prest. of the CCISD board to stifle someone who was taking against her client (LAS BRISAS). He as just trying to be a voice for the kids (in this particular issue). As far as where he stood on the school politics also, despite how controversial and different from our view, should not have been suppressed by a corporation promoting "breathing black smoke" (as Carolyn Moon put it) and paying a public official to sell out (Carol Scott/Kailo) thousands of dollars.
How could Carol Scott Scott advocate for our children, if she taking a hefty paycheck from Las Brisas?

Rene Saenz
The former AFT president took no position. I was at that meeting when the motion was made. And guess who moved the motion to take the position against Las Brisas? I made the motion and argued forcefully for it. The motion passed unanimously. In fact the former President, who you defend, had a worker who was recorded as saying her personal beef was ... Read Morenot with the building of Las Brisas, her beef was with Scott. The motion was very clear, protect the students and teachers, not go on a personal crusade against an individual for personal reasons. I do not defend Scott's postion. That's hers to take. I don't agree with it. And yes I do sit on the board that will be dealing with the Health Insurance, the very insurance that covers me and my family. Personally I think humana stinks and I will be arguing that we move to the state insurance for teachers. Personally, I think the current president of AFT is much better than the previous one. I will not e-mail you to discuss AFT politics but you are

Rene Saenz
more than welcome to contact me. One more does a Amadora Zapata, with blond hair and blue eyes, where a Wisconsin shirt rather than a TEXAS shirt? Be warned that we longhorns kick ass.

Homer Villarreal
FACT: CCISD Board President CAROL SCOTT both is and was being paid by LAS BRISAS ENERGY.
FACT: SHE WAS BEING PAID TO ATTEMPT TO STOP CRITICISM OF LAS BRISAS, the former President was critical (and I did interviewed him at Taqueria Guadalajara in Annaville).
FACT: Then it logically follows that Carol Scott as a "public official" was a high-paid "Aggressor" by LAS BRISAS to eradicate disgruntled parties with Las Brisas. In short, the entire staff of CCISD was under the gun of a Chair of the board, Ms. Scott (remember, she is a public official who both took and is taking money from Las Brisas). The few that spoke up were targeted (via Las Brisas' dollars) and punished (via las Brisas' dollars).

FACT: Ms. Scott as Chair of CCISD School Board used CCISD Employees and buses and pupils to make TV commercials that earned her a lot of money.
FACT: Ms. Scott her leverage as chair to hire "Skip" Noe (who coordinated efforts and is piecing the road open for Las Brisas to established themselves with various municipal and an inter agency network). Note: Angel Escobar wished not to venture in the 'gray area" that the EDC and Carol Scott are espousing.
FACT: The new AFT President was stamped and endorsed by a corporate movement with multi-million dollars interests being represented by KAILO (formerly Scott Public Relations).

CCISD Board PRESIDENT is their high-paid face -- i.e., Las Brisas Energy. In fact send I dare you to send an email to Las Brisas Energy at -- while on their website hit the contact button: and guess who will receive the message in her cell phone and computer? YOU GOT IT RIGHT. CCISD BOARD PRESIDENT CAROL SCOTT. She is the gatekeeper and face of Las Brisas Energy in the area.
Homer Villarreal
This issue is a legal matter and Las Brisas Energy has no right to pay public officials to do their bidding in our schools and use "divide and conquer" tactics to hurt and punish anyone in the district (or the community) who is against the children breathing "black smoke" (as Carolyn Moon so poetically put it).
Posted by HOMERO VILLARREAL at 9:59 PM

herownself said...

To use my comments (not that I disavow) them, from the message section of Facebook is underhanded.

It makes one wonder whose water you're carrying, Miss Zamora.
September 19, 2009 4:21 PM

And the reason they can find all those drop out is because they are incarcerated ....duh. Like CCISD did not know! They put them there.

Guess Truant officers are lazy to do their JOB! Carol Scott cares about that crap organization Citizens "against law suit abuse" She Has abused her position for self gain and should be impeached or pay for the costs if it were you or me to produce the same exact commercial.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Let's all get out there and get these kids back in school.

Hit the streets to get students in school
CCISD prepares for 2nd dropout prevention walk

By Elvia Aguilar (Contact)
Originally published 05:33 p.m., September 2, 2009
Updated 11:06 p.m., September 2, 2009

CORPUS CHRISTI — CCISD is looking for volunteers who can walk the walk and talk the talk.

About 480 high school students have not returned to school this year. Corpus Christi Independent School District officials need help giving those students a phone call Tuesday and a home visit Sept. 12 as part of the Operation Keeping Every Youth in School walk, a dropout recovery effort.

Monica Bayarena, principal of Coles High School and organizer of the walk, said of the 468 homes visited last year, 215 students returned to school. Of those students, about 60 dropped out, but 19 received a General Educational Development diploma and 27 graduated. The rest are still enrolled.

“Operation KEYS was clearly a success last year,” Bayarena said. “It gave our community an opportunity to work together to make a difference in the lives of our youth. Every child counts.”

Volunteers will call students from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday at the district’s administration building, 801 Leopard St., to confirm student addresses and whereabouts. About 40 phone bank volunteers will be needed.

“Those who may not be able to walk or can’t be out in the heat too long can help us by making a few phone calls,” Bayarena said. “They can volunteer 20 minutes or whatever they can. They don’t have to be here all day.”

About 400 volunteers will be needed to knock on doors of high school students who haven’t returned to school. Volunteers will be paired with an educator. Volunteers will be asked to share life experiences to encourage the students’ return.

If a student decides to register for school, then he will be directed to his respective high school where district staff can answer additional questions and enroll them that day.

The program started last year and is modeled after one in Houston.

The list of unenrolled students may be narrowed if volunteers find that they left the district or already returned to school.

About 280 high school students dropped out of the Corpus Christi Independent School District in 2007.


Register at

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related links Posted by 718561 on September 3, 2009 at 1:06 a.m.

we have a high crime and dropout problem. WHAT IS THIS TELLING YOU? SOMETHING IS WRONG HEAR. the teachers need to get their act together and fix this problem. their are major issues in this school district. can't the teachers motivate students and be better role models. theirs a big problem with one sidedness. only certain kids get taught others fall threw the cracks this must be lazyness. something is wrong and it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
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related links Posted by 706310 on September 3, 2009 at 1:39 a.m.

in response to 718561

You've got to be joking. The problem is the parents not being responsible for getting their kids to school, not the teachers. It is not the job of the teacher to get your kid to school. The teacher presents the subject material and the grade received is what the student earns. If this was a question of whether the subject material is presented right, then that is on the teacher. However, this is about getting the students to show up to class. I guess it's typical to blame others instead of placing blame where it really lies, the parent and the student.
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related links Posted by 718343 on September 3, 2009 at 5:34 p.m.

in response to 718561

Your kidding right? This is no one's problem but the parents and kids fault. Place the blame where it really belongs right smack dab back on the parents.
If the parents were not lazy and would get their act together and make their little darlings go to school instead of being afraid of them or letting the little darlings do what ever the heck they wanted to do then the problem would be solved.

There is no way I would walk the streets to try to get these kids back in school when it is the parents responsibility.

No one makes my kids wake up and come to the home school classroom they know it has to be done no if's and's or but's about it. If they decide not to participate they know there will be consequences. Instead of facing the hassle of extra chores along with extra homework and privliges taken away they chose to come to class each and every day.
No one has to walk the neighborhood here.

Oh and it is here not hear.
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related links Posted by 711842 on September 3, 2009 at 5:48 p.m.

in response to 718561

Does your post criticizing this terrific effort actually say, "Something is wrong HEAR"?

Additionally, do you write, "THEIR are major issues in this school district"?

And then...."THEIRS a big problem," followed by "others fall THREW the cracks," and "this must be LAZYNESS."

You are right....something is wrong and it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

Enough said.
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related links Posted by 361861 on September 3, 2009 at 7:21 p.m.

in response to 718561

This is the most ridiculous comment I've ever read. You have no idea what you're talking about. Teachers teach each and every day. We don't wait for everyone to show up. We hope they do, but continue to work hard to educate those that are present. We make phone calls and home visits when needed. Absences concern us daily, but the ones that should be concerned are not. Some parents don't care if their kids go to school or not. They are the only ones to blame. I wish every citizen of this city would trade jobs with a teacher for a week. I can guarantee you that your opinion would change after the first day. I work hard and take my responsibility to educate every child very seriously.
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related links Posted by 718259 on September 3, 2009 at 9:47 p.m.

Let's all get out there and get these kids back in school. We had 27 kids graduate in addition to the others that are still persevering to get a diploma. These kids need a second chance, and education is their ticket to a better future.

Thanks in advance to all the volunteers that plan on attending this event. We changed lives and made a difference. I can tell you that I was choked up at our H.S. graduation last May when many students were walking the stage because someone cared enough to find them and keep hanging on to them during the school year.

Great job Coles H.S. for working so hard to make a difference!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In spite of these statutes, many states and school authorities still harass home-schooling parents.

11 May, 2009

Why Public Schools Hate Home-schooling Parents

Posted by: admin In: Home Schooling

Home-schooling is a great success. That’s why many public-school authorities hate home-schooling parents.
Home-schoolers are a direct challenge to the public-school monopoly. This monopoly makes it almost impossible to fire tenured public-school teachers or principals. As a result, tenure gives most teachers life-time guaranteed jobs. They get this incredible benefit only because public schools have a lock on our children’s education.
If public-school employees had to work for private schools and compete for their jobs in the real world, they would lose their security-blanket tenure. That’s why school authorities view home-schooling parents who challenge their monopoly as a serious threat.
Many school officials also can’t stand the fact that average parents who never went to college give their kids a better education than so-called public-school experts. Successful home-schooling parents therefore humiliate the failed public schools by comparison.
Home-schooling parents also humiliate school authorities who claim that only certified or licensed teachers are qualified to teach children. Most home-schooling parents thankfully never stepped foot inside a so-called teacher college or university department of education. Yet these parents give their children a superior education compared to public-school educated kids.
Also, many public-school officials resent home-schoolers because the typical public school loses about $7500 a year in tax money for each child that leaves the system. Tax money is the life blood of the public-school system. Tax money pays for public-school employees’ generous salaries, benefits, and pensions. Is it any wonder why school authorities don’t want to lose their gravy train?
For these reasons, until fairly recently, most state legislatures either outlawed homeschooling or tried to strangle it to death with regulations. In 1980, only Utah, Ohio, and Nevada officially recognized parents’ rights to homeschool their children. In most other states, legislators continually harassed or prosecuted home-schoolers under criminal truancy laws and educational neglect charges.
By 2004, however, pressure from parents, Christian home-schooling organizations, and recent court rulings pushed all fifty states to enact statutes that allow home-schooling, as long as certain requirements are met. These requirements vary for each state.
In spite of these statutes, many states and school authorities still harass home-schooling parents. That is because the Supreme Court slapped parents in the face when they gave local governments the right to regulate home-schooling. As a result, many home-schooling parents are still harassed by local school officials.
If you are a homeschooling parent, you must know how to protect your legal rights. To do this, you should seriously consider joining the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Founded in 1983, HSDLA provides its members with legal representation against local school officials who might harass you, demand to supervise your home-schooling, or demand to periodically test your home-schooled children. You can join at their web site,
The Rutherford Institute is another well-known organization dedicated to protecting parents’ rights and providing legal help to home-schooling parents. Their website is

Read more information about “Public Schools, Public Menace.”