Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kenedeno adds Israel Garcia to the CCISD Trustee list and will hand deliver the application

Israel Garcia
To fulfill my duty to serve my
community. As a West Point graduate
and a Corps of Engineers officer, I served in leadership positions worldwide and am ready to bring that experience back home for the benefit of the community.
Open lines of communication
between Leaders in Industry and
Faculty is essential to ensure a seamless transition of our students to their professional destinations. I propose to invite worldwide industry leaders
as keynote speakers to address both faculty and students, and to encourage them to establish a healthy relationship
with Department Chairs. Teach Fortune 500 + See Fortune 500 = Be
Fortune 500. Strong relationships between counselors (to identify students’ academic needs), financial aid personnel (to provide guidance based on those needs), and faculty (to identify programs
and internships specific to respective majors) is imperative to
dealing with increasing costs. Aside from more conventional Federal,
State, and Local sources of assistance, Del Mar should be continually exploring other mutually beneficial sources
Some parking Mar will ease with
East campus. facilities and services
increase enrollment. We will need places to park.
Unless acquiring for parking is less
me that it’s not when parking garages
best interest.

George Wetzel
The Board of Trustees needs lead -
ership from individuals who have an
understanding of education and business.
With 37 years in education – 30
years as a District teacher/administrator
and seven years in private educational
consulting – I possess both
The current system to promote parent
involvement needs to be enhanced
by the following: Focus on teaching
parenting skills to include effective
communication and methods to positively
reinforce school activities;
Focus on assistance to grandparents
who are raising a second generation;
and evaluate and possibly expand the
concept of the parent advocate/
ombudsman.These enhancements are
in addition to the current areas being
I support the District proceeding
without a search firm. Suff i c i e n t
applications have been received, and
can be received, with direct communications
between the District and the
applicants. The newly seated Board
should narrow the applicant field to
three or four; invite them into the
District; host public forums with staff,
parents, and community representatives;
receive feedback from forum
participants; visit the respective districts
of the candidates; and name a
I support a decrease in the amount
of standardized testing. TAKS testing
is legislated. Historically, the Board
has deferred involvement in this area
to teacher and administrator organizations.
I propose that the Board establish
periodic meetings with area state
legislators to discuss issues such as
TAKS testing, state funding, and
unfunded mandates. During each legislative
session the Texas Education
Code receives extensive revisions
without the local Board’s involvement
or input.

Raul Prezas

I seek this office because our community,
our district employees and our
children deserve experienced and
qualified leadership. I hold a doctorate
degree in Educational Leadership
and I have twenty-nine years of experience
in public and higher education.
Experience counts!
There are many organizations and
initiatives in our school district that
promote and attain parental involvement.
Through these org a n i z a t i o n s
and initiatives, staff and community
leaders work together to garner the
participation of our parents at all
grade levels. The key is in the communication
and recognition of efforts
currently in place. A systemic and
organized plan for training and evalu -
ating the efforts of all stakeholders is
critical to success.
The superintendent selection
process must be a transparent process
that involves the Corpus Christi community
through the development of
the attributes our community seeks in
a superintendent. City wide public
forums are the best way to arrive at
these attributes. It’s the most important
decision a board will make and in
the past two years I have been directly
involved in five successful superintendent
searches. I guarantee a successful
The TAKS Test continues to
evolve and change, which leads to
vigorous preparation and a testing
emphasis. This is due to the high
stakes nature of the results and consequences.
I would support efforts to
plan, develop, and create curriculum
guides to meet the ever changing challenges
our teachers and students face
in meeting and exceeding the standards.
Further, I would support the
initiatives of the instructional program.

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