Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CCISD where are you?

"No goes to show the teachers who complained and left have no class.

WATT are the teachers names and where are the statements?

Literally yes, when they relinquished their postion at Miller they did not have a class.

Other wise CCISD standards allow them to employ teachers with "no class"?

The TEA rating?

What is the rating based on?

What are we concerned most with when educationg our youth?

Learning, Retention, Unity

Division comes fom within and weeds in one's flower bed produce more and more weeds. Somebody has gotta turn & weed the beds. Throw a little sandy loam and loosen up the molecules. The weeds become easier to pull.

Thee was Unity enough to recieve the rating.

They passed the inspection?


Now to an apology?

I do not believe an apology is appropriate at this time.

We need to view the official CCISD Documents!

Mr Flores' statements shouldn't they release the hold?

Confirmation of this position Mr Flores took should be on the agenda at the next board meeting. Then we can get this all cleared up and out in the open.

CCISD where are you?

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