Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Exactly Did Miller Principal Danny Noyola Do In Violation of CCISD Policy

Change Grades?

Modify Attendance records?

That is how they do it at CCISD.

Teach the test?

Make the numbers fit by rearranging the terminology?

Having certain students (who are at risk of not passing the TAKS) categorized in a way so their scores will not figure in the average.

Selectively classifying and targeting of certain students to enter the "revolving door" of our local legally untrained Justices of the Peace for tardies and truancy violations. And then no attorney to represent the kids so they are railroaded. Then when they cannot come up with the dinero they take the kids from the classroom in handcuffs and threaten to lock em up and do lock some of them up even though these violations are punishable by fine only. The JP has not the legal right or training to incarcerate a child or his parents for fine only violations.

Justice of the peace courts have jurisdiction over criminal offenses that are punishable by fine only, and over civil cases in which the amount in controversy is small (not more than $5,000 in 1995).

So the attendance issue is all about the money. If you can classify the student in a way to get paid then that is what they are told to do.

The grades have to do with uncertified teachers who are a lot of times better than the certified ones. An uncertified teacher cannot fail a student and if it happens there are legal ramifications for the district.

Was he screwing any of the students cause I had an assistant principal at Carroll marry one after she graduated and was with her from when she was a sophomore?

Another one where...... well let's save that for another day.

I know of current situations that need much more attention.

Go check out the scene at Carroll or at King.

Kids walk the halls but they are not truant.

Coaches are married but they have relationships.

Dont take my word for it go check it out.

Shall I continue?

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