Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is gonna take some love and patience people!

This will be an excellent opportunity to "spill the beans" lets just get this stuf out & over with. I know Danny, it is a "gagged" issue but then again are certain elite protected, bufferred or whatever red tape and once you get through that the gren yellow and the blue then we have duct tape and then the redirected and the you forgot to do this way or that way so you have no other choice but I cant appoint you a lawyer cuz you dont risk going to jail TODAY but when you dont pay the 50 or 100 buck you dont have so they can stick your kid working with hardened children and they start to act the same way. It is not like that at SLGC!

Every School in CCISD such standard shall they attain as SLGC Student Learning and Guidance Center.


dannoynted1 said...

"it's gonna take a whole lotta precious time"

"to do things right"=george harrison= former beatle member

dannoynted1 said...

del mar has a grant with ccisd from the bill and melinda gates foundation and i will not waste another iota of time on cisd's version of "legal time"

got it?
get it!