Saturday, June 16, 2007

"To ACQUIESCE or Not to ACQUIESCE,..... that is the question"

Dear U.S. Senators & Candidates for U.S. Senate: "To Infinity & Beyond"

I am not going to say your names right now. Everybody knows who they are in the Grande Scheme of Political Infrastructure.

The Politicians are living in the Dark Ages, with sub-standard representation, and personal growth. This doesn''t mean we should ACQUIESCE.
Whatever the definitions, lynching existed on a mass scale for as long as it did because it was socially sanctioned in American society through silence, indifference and acquiescence.
Our current Political Infrastructure is tired and dated. The responsive incumbent in election season he is your best friend as of recent "vote needing". Positive Change is the resultant of an Engaged Public and responsive leadership. We need Education Reform here in Corpus Christi. Over the next few months we at Kenedeno & Associates will be giving you guys in Washington and you guys who want to ascend to Washington as the Honorable United States Senator from the great State Texas or any other State and D.C. For that matter; we are going to bring some real world, real time problems into the discussion show us your skills and demonstrate your responsiveness We the Public are waiting; represent the Public. For all of the stale stogies, and the boring rhetoric we bring a new and improved filibuster to your doorstep.
Persuade us, tell our local governments listen to us,tell our School Districts to provide Education incentive$ for our youth and the ones closest to our youth the Teachers. Take the legislation fining our Parents and Students and toss it in the recycle bin;
Take the TAKS and toss it in the recycle bin. Without the Established Administrators practicing Due Diligence who wil set the tone?

CCISD is waiting to hear from you.

Mr Eliff needs your support in his worthwhile endeavors.

Education is for our Children, our Youth, our Future. Children and Youth need constant redirection and set boundaries at home and at school as well. When a minor is allowed to run at large during the school day hours whether it is in the halls, leaving or returning a closed campus or simply unaccounted for is irresponsible of the caretaker whose custody in which he / she is placed.
We will be watching who does WATT.

The Streets are calling your name, who will we vote for?

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