Monday, June 11, 2007

Self Dealers Usurp Vote of the Public Citizenry. We need to have a recall election and replace the Self Dealers. More to come.......

Dont think you guys got away with anything, now is when the tough get going. This board sells us process to the tune of 100K + and now cannot even interview 20 applicants. You guys are a sorry excuse for equal opportunity. Not even a phone call for the applicants. You will be hearing from the people! And this guy Ransleben is YOUR SECOND CHOICE!

CORPUS CHRISTI - CCISD school board members announced their choice to replace Rev. Harry Williams. Williams stepped down from his post in April. Monday, after going through a field of 20 applicants, board members chose local CPA Norm Ransleben with a vote of 5-1. Not everyone was happy with the school board's decision.

Out of five remaining candidates, certified public accountant Norman Ransleban was voted in as the newest CCISD board trustee. But many in the crowd came to show support for another candidate, college professor Raul Prezas, who they believed to be more qualified.

"Dr. Raul Prezas has been a trainer of school boards, he's been a principal, a teacher, an administrator and someone well versed to be able to take that position," said LULAC member Susie Luna Saldaña.

"We share the vision of Mr. Elliff having a world class school system at CCISD. For that reason, that's why we think that makes Dr. Prezas an ideal candidate for the job," American Federation of Teachers president Juan Guerra.

Board member Lucy Rubio nominated Dr. Prezas to take over Rev. Harry William's seat, but that motion was shot down.

"The board members each have a vote and they voted they way they saw fit and so Mr. Ransleben was chosen and like I said I'm very excited about Mr. Ransleben being on the board," said CCISD school board president Louis J. Garza.

About 20 candidates initially put in an application for a spot on the board, but those not happy with the board's decision accused trustees of choosing the final nominees based on who they wanted to win rather than who was more qualified.

"Without a process, without even talking to them, at least give them a phone call for consideration of their efforts," said LULAC member Nick Adame.

"Time will tell what happens now, but one of the things we have to remember is there's always another election coming up," Saldaña said.

Mr. Ransleben was not at Monday night's board meeting. He will serve out the rest of Harry William's term, which runs until November 2008.

Online Reporter: Melissa Monti

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