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The ability to exploit different parts of the Original "No Child Left Behind" mandate

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"The Parent requires the child to attend school if the child is present at beginning of the day!"

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Dear Mr Carter,
Thank you for you candid response and I am sure there is a similar law in your state. Attached is our Attendance Accounting Handbook, maybe it will be of some use to you. No Child Left Behind I believe is applicable in all states however the creative manipulation is likely to have common themes while also developed uniqueness depending on the colloquial environment and. the ability to exploit different parts of the Original "No Child Left Behind" mandate The way we help each other is by communicating the manipulation to each other and including the Lawmakers and School District Administrators in our interstate communication. Our mistake is not communicating with each other. We need to get the word out!
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On 2/7/07, Thomas D. Carter wrote:

Mr. Baker:

Thank you for forwarding my concerns below to DPSS.

Thus as a good lawyer, do you know if California or LA County have this these rules, as listed below exist in Texas, where we leave no child behind, to allow you to pursue potential fraud and or drop-outs?

Thanks again,


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Subject: RE: [CCISD] The Parent requires the child to attend school if the child is presen...

Hi there:

I was recently was sent your email, as posted below and found it most interesting.

Can you let me know if this law is also a California law and please feel free to contact me to discuss how my finding in Los Angeles might also exist in your area?

The concept is simple, the issue is to see that the computer data base "record layout" of the existing computer data bases have common fields to "match" information and produce good information.

I look forward to hearing from some of you accordingly.

Thank you for caring about children.

Thomas D Carter, AKA Mr. Flashlight shining his light on the "truth"

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Subject: FW: [lausdparents] RE: Drop out issue within LACOE

Mr. Shelton:

In order to allow you to answer me timely please consider the email below being requested being made in accordance with California Codes, Section 6250 et seq, including Section 1798.

Please therefore accept my apology for not remembering that this is needed to be able to receive a response from your office.

The response can be made to me and those listed above via email if desired.

The basis question is what does LACOE do to determine that student "drop-out" data is accurate, as reported by schools; and does LACOE corroborate any student data with any other LA County agency like DPSS or the Sherriff's office, that now has an inmate data base?

Thank you in advance for caring about the future of public education,

Thomas D. Carter, AKA Mr. Flashlight shining his light on the "truth"

From: [mailto:] On Behalf Of Thomas D. Carter
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Mr. Shelton:

Thank you for having sent me some data regarding students within LACOE.

Are you possibly aware, that I have discovered in Los Angles County that the
local schools and LA County DPSS it appears do not "validate" attendance
data timely using their respective data bases and I wonder if "community
welfare" overrides "privacy" as it appears and told to me is the reason?

I am told that "privacy is the issue, yet the forms signed by parents and
the information on the CalWORKS web sites state that "investigation" of the
information filed may be "verified" - what is the "truth" and if we
contacted parents and or guardians could we save a student "drop-out from
maybe ending up DEAD and or improve internal controls and reduce potential

What fiduciary audit procedures, if any, does your office use currently to
"verify" that LA County DPSS case files and or local school attendance
records, like LAUSD "match" data to be able to state they in compliance with
the purpose desired by CalWORKS and that the LACOE funding data reported to
the State is accurate?

Please note, some four years ago I discovered that in Santa Monica some 15%
of the students in Middle School stopped bringing back their Federal program
"free and or reduced" lunch program forms. The response from the schools and
the LA County system was they were "to macho" and subsequently I was told it
was a "privacy issue". According to DPSS and LAUSD the Federal program does
not require attendance validation, but the State program does and
administered by the same LA County agency. Does this sound familiar like
when we discovered after 9/11 that the FBI and local agencies did not
communicate for the good of the nation - yes?

I then went to LAUSD where I discovered (a State program) that we currently
have a CalWORKS requirement to "validate" attendance using form PA 1725.
Unfortunately, this from is handled at the local school level and thus there
is no "validation" at the District level (data entered into the computer).
Or said differently no automation to see when a child is "not in school"
after 10 days to contact a parent and or guardian as to why.

My suggestion is to require that all the schools, starting with those in LA
County, using their attendance data base contact via the computer LA County
DPSS after a child is "not in school" for ten days and thus the LA county
DPSS case workers could contact the parent and or guardian or impose
"penalties" in accordance with their regulations. Simple and it could work.

Can you pass this suggestion on the LACOE Board and also ask them what State
and or County law existed and possibly exists today that a child is required
to be in school and or a court could remove the child from the family? Maybe
this law could "trump" the "privacy" issue others are stating as the
stumbling block.

In closing, I am a CPA and when I see there is a way to build a better
mousetrap I try to let others know of my finding, especially if we could
save some drop-outs from becoming members of society in a way we do not wish
to read about in the media - get the picture?.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Thomas D Carter

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