Friday, May 09, 2008

Why would or how could everyone we spoke with at CCISD denied the accusations

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Email by Jaime Kenedeno

Wake up boy and girls, Politics have no place in high school athletics. Who would transfer a winning coach right before the season begins and more importantly why? Once the Article is written it will be published and all of the research connecting the dots to the ones who leverage bond finances and campaign finances for a position that can only be earned.



LULAC Council No. 1 and the American GI Forum will hold a press conference to address concerns regarding the forced transfer of Mary Carroll High School Volleyball Head Coach Doris Elizondo; who holds 149 wins and 5 losses as well as 5 consecutive District Championships and 2 undefeated District seasons while at Carroll High School .

Certain members of the Carroll High School Boosters have pressured Carroll High School Administrators to transfer Ms. Elizondo for reasons that have not been made clear or were either not presented to Ms. Elizondo in a timely fashion; allowing her to address or correct them.

LULAC Council No. 1 and the American GI Forum feel that Ms. Elizondo has been denied due process within the CCISD administration and therefore, her civil rights are being violated both by the school's administrators and those members of the Carroll High School Boosters who have targeted her for removal.

The press conference will be held in front of Mary Carroll High School (on Tiger Lane side in front of the school offices) at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 .

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