Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Resign Gerry Connolly - Updated

Yesterday was the final straw for me with Gerry Connolly. I’m calling on his resignation for 2 reasons:

1. Yesterday, when a female office was shot and killed, Gerry Connolly was a press whore, going on every network and radio station releasing that a female officer was killed. This announcement should have been done by the police, and 30 minutes later, the police refused to release those details, explaining that they wanted to notify the victims’ families, and the extended police families (they would prefer that the police heard from them instead of the news reports). The press was very respectful. There should be an investigation to determine if Gerry Connolly released the name of the fallen officer. This was not released by the press, but if they knew from Connolly and still didn’t release it, it would be out of decency for the family.
2. The school board of Fairfax county asked for an addition 40 million for schools. The Fairfax budget has a surplus of 98 million after the approved budget, of which they refused to share with the school board in order to later fund pet projects of Gerry Connolly for his political gain.

Gerry Connolly has damaged his reputation with these disgusting actions. Resign for the good of Fairfax county.

Comment posted:

From the Wash Post last night: Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolly identified the slain officer, but The Washington Post has decided not to release the name at this time.

Have you no decency, Gerry Connolly?

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